Alex Sniderman


In more than a decade of experience working with clients with a variety of issues including schizophrenia, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer's disease and dementia, I’ve seen music reach individuals who respond to almost nothing else. I work with clients, their caregivers and families to offer best-loved music both by playing and singing in one-to-one sessions as well as using technology to provide personalized playlist of favorite music that can be enjoyed anytime to amplify joy, reduce stress, and enhance quality of life. 

In addition to individual music sessions with clients, I also provide consultation and instruction on technological solutions and teach clients, caregivers, and family members to use technology to provide a client’s favorite music anytime.

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Robert Moskal


I’ve been the driving force behind a great variety and quantity of software built for both the market and internal audiences. I excel at matching technical means with business ends to build innovative and stable software products that can evolve with changing opportunities and circumstances. I have a superb record of delivering projects on time and on budget, a roster of distinguished and delighted clients, and deep ties to the development community.

I work with founders and other stakeholders to hone product vision and with engineering teams to execute quickly. In larger institutions I drive the development process by building consensus across organizational boundaries. 

I’m relentless about empirically testing hypothesis. I get artifacts in front of users as fast as possible, fail fast, and iterate. This is the heart of agile and the result is applications that truly serve the interests of user communities. The same path leads towards product-market fit.

As an advisor and a practitioner, I draw on what I’ve learned shipping 2-3 applications EVERY year for more than 20 years.